It’s pretty hard to go wrong when you’re working with two of the coolest, most easy going, attractive people going around. Throw in a dusting of the years best light, and a smattering of autumn leaves, and you get the wedding of TIFF and LAURIE.

Peppers Manor House in the Southern Highlands is spectacular. It’s got that old school charm and staff that are set to please. For an wedding that’s not in summer, I can’t imagine wanting to get married anywhere else.

Besides all the things that I’m ranting about above, Tiff and Laurie added a very individual and creative element to their wedding. From Terrariums with cows and dogs in them to scrabble pieced name tags, it was awesome to see yet another fresh slice of some good and proper wedding celebration!

Dean Dampney, AAIPP, www.cloudface.com.au


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